hvac, centrifugal fans, axial flow fans, volume control air dampers, centrifugal spot humidifier units, air washer internal equipments, air distribution louvers for humidification plant, supply air diffusers, rotary air filters, air handling units
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Centrifugal Fans / High Pressure Blowers
Axial Flow fans / Heavy duty Exhaust fans
Centrifugal Spot Humidifier Units
Air Washer Internal with All its Equipment Accessories
Volume Control Air Dampers
Eliminators (Aluminum G.I. & PVC)
Air Distribution Louvers & baffles
Spray Nozzles ("B" Type & Clamp-on Type)
Rotary Air Filters Drum Type / Screen Type
Rotary Water Filter
All Type of Industrial Air Filters
Package Type Air Conditioning Units
Condensers / Chillers / Heat Exchangers
Cooling Coils / Steam Heaters
Air Handling Units (AHU)
Supply Air Diffusers & Grills
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